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At Della Designed you will find the most uniquely designed, well made, and reasonable priced handbags. All bags are hand made with the finest quality leather and excellent craftsmanship. Fabulous, leather, designer bags; an affordable splurge!

Laptop Bags
Leather Clutch Gold Elise
Leather PDA/Passport Bag Ebony Patent Peggy
Leather PDA/Passport Bag Mocha Peggy
Leather PDA/Passport Bag Scarlet Red Peggy
Leather Tote Aubergine Susan
Leather Wallet Champagne Karen
Leather Wallet Dove Grey Karen
Leather Wallet Gold Karen
Mocha Peggy Leather PDA/Passport Bag
Sable, Eggplant Sherry Tote
Ebony Peggy Patent Leather PDA/Passport Bag
Gold Elise Clutch
Leather and Cashmere Tote Misty Grey Allison
Leather Clutch/Shoulder Bag Elise the Encore Gold
Leather Clutch/Shoulder Bag Elise the Encore Silver
Leather Handbag Buttery Yellow Sadie
Leather Handbag Midnight Blue Shelley
Leather Handbag Patent Ebony & Ivory Leah
Leather Handbag Patent Ebony and Ivory Leah
Leather Handbag Soft-lit Pink Sadie
Leather Handbag Sorrel Brown Meg
Leather PDA/Passport Bag Dove Grey Peggy
Leather PDA/Passport Bag Sable Peggy
Leather Satchel Coffee Bean Brown Gloria
Leather Satchel Mahogany Brown Barbie
Leather Satchel Reseda Green Brittany
Leather Satchel Reseda Green Brittany
Leather Satchel/Shoulder Bag Chocolate Brown Camille
Leather Satchel/Shoulder Bag Raven Black Camille
Leather Satchel/Shoulder Bag Scarlet Red Emma
Leather Shoulder Bag Champagne Jodi
Leather Shoulder Bag Chocolate Brown Cindy
Leather Shoulder Bag Ebony Kelley
Leather Shoulder Bag Garnet Red Jodi
Leather Shoulder Bag Patent Black Linda
Leather Shoulder Bag Ruby Red Cindy
Leather Shoulder Bag Sable Cindy
Leather Shoulder Bag Teal Holly
Leather Shoulder Bag White Holly
Leather Tote Champagne Kaitlyn
Leather Tote Chestnut Brown Kaitlyn
Leather Tote Chestnut Jodie
Leather Tote Cinnamon Brown Kaitlyn
Leather Tote Crimson Red Heather
Leather Tote Dove Grey Susan
Leather Tote Ebony Kaitlyn
Leather Tote Garnet Red Ryan
Leather Tote Ginger Kaitlyn
Leather Tote Heather Grey Kaitlyn
Leather Tote Misty Grey Allison
Leather Tote Mocha & Champagne Michelle
Leather Tote Patent Black Ryan
Leather Tote Sable Jodie
Leather Tote Sable Susan
Leather Tote Sable/Eggplant Sherry
Leather Tote Sapphire Ryan
Leather Tote Scarlet Red Susan
Leather Tote Slate Grey Valerie
Leather Tote Tangerine Kaitlyn
Leather Tote Tawny Brown Ryan
Leather Wallet Aubergine Karen
Leather Wallet Ebony Black Karen
Leather Wallet Fuchsia Pink Karen
Leather Wallet Ginger Brown Karen
Leather Wallet Kelley Green Karen
Leather Wallet Mahogany Brown Karen
Leather Wallet Mocha Karen
Leather Wallet Plum Karen
Leather Wallet Richly Red Karen
Leather Wallet Sapphire Blue Karen
Leather Wallet Tangerine Orange Karen
Matt Burlap Sack
Midnight Blue Shelley Bag
PDA/Passport Bags
PDA/Passport Cross Shoulder Bag
Richly Red Kathy Leather Laptop Bag
Shoulder Bags
Slate Grey Valerie Tote
White Holly Shoulder Bag